Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Ninety-nine percent of the funds for Needy Fund services comes from the community. Community support makes a world of difference to the thousands of residents who call the Needy Fund. Just read the following story…

A 38 year old mother of two from Sandwich called for assistance with her propane bill. Three years ago she had been in a car accident that left her with a head injury requiring a titanium plate to replace the skull defect, chronic migraines, and memory and emotion issues.

More recently, the father of her two young children died. The youngest child was showing social and emotional delays in development since her mother’s car accident, and as a family they had been struggling financially since the father’s death.

She could not get a propane delivery for their heat and hot water unless she had the funds to pay up front since she had to pay over time for the last delivery. The Needy Fund provided the funds for the delivery.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors – it’s what the Needy Fund is all about.